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How to Eliminate Shortness of Breath Quickly

Shortness of breath or in the medical world is often known as dyspnea. Shortness of breath itself occurs at a time when respiratory rate (RR) had abnormalities ranging from 16 minutes to 20 minutes. If the condition is left alone would be very harmful to the patient condition can be fatal is a death. Besides shortness of breath can be caused by many things, could be due to an illness or indeed kedaan normal. Shortness of breath caused by a disease can vary - wide. Among the disorders of the heart and lungs - pulmonary, for example asthma, bronchitis, PPOM (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), pneumonia and many more. Shortness of breath is caused by abnormalities in the heart, for example congestive heart failure (CHF), pericarditis, and many more. We know that the heart and lungs - lungs play a role in the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood, so that when the heart or lungs - pulmonary disorder that affects the respiratory process. Shortness of breath caused a state of normal and not a sign of illness among other things because of pregnancy, stress, located at an altitude of 5000 feet. Here we will present a review of how to eliminate shortness of breath quickly, are as follows!

Here's How to Remove Shortness of Breath Fast

Looking for a spacious room and quiet
If one family member experiencing shortness of breath, the first step you can do to give the room that is free from obstruction. Try not even in kerumunin, because it would worsen the condition. After that make them to take the breath slowly until the breath returned to normal.

Beikan half-sitting position
In addition to the ever way above you can also do by providing a semi-sitting position for the patient. With this position can help the lungs more easily and expands so oxygen can enter the maximum. After breathing returned to normal, and lay the patient's body to neutralize back breathing.

Teach a deep breath and in
Someone trouble breathing normally they would feel scared and hurry to take a breather, but the way is not very good to do. Should teach people experiencing shortness of breath to breath deep and long. The way to do this is ask the person to breathe deeply as possible instructed to hold his breath for 3 seconds and then ask for breathed through the mouth slowly. It also can be used for relaxation techniques if pal stress or pain that is a little annoying. Note: for this technique in people who do not use shortness of breath due to a blockage eg sputum. If the person is pretty much phlegm that disrupts the breathing process give drink warm water and asked to cough.

Medical Help
If the above method could not quite cope with shortness of breath quickly and does not produce results, then the steps you need to do is to ask for medical help. If shortness of breath can not be immediately resolved immediately brought to the medical personnel to get further help, help given medical personnel may be a provision of oxygen, or a nebulizer.

Many explanations on how to cope with shortness of breath quickly and correctly you can do. A few explanations and hopefully this time it can be beneficial to you all. 
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