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Tips to Avoid Body Of Dehydration During Fasting

Dehydration is a condition that is often experienced by everyone when in the sun and especially when fasting. Therefore arguably dehydration is a problem that is often felt by those who are fasting in Ramadan. Not infrequently because dehydration makes them break the fast. Did not deny if someone who is dehydrated will definitely feel weak, dizzy, and many others. This is because the human body is composed of water, of which more than 70% of the human body consists of fluids. Under normal circumstances, the volume of fluid lost from the body every day between 1000-4500 ml. Whether it's through sweat, defecation, urination, and insensible water loss (fluid loss is not felt, for example during sleep). Because're running fast, you have to wait to be able to replace fluids lost through time to break the fast.

Lack of fluids when fasting can make the condition of the body into a drop at a time when berpusa. Feeling tired, lethargic and will often feel a sudden headache. Coupled with the work that was not finished because of your lack of concentration. This is all due to the settings of your body that is not quite right, resulting in the body is dehydrated when fasting. But you need not worry because the following we will present a review of the tips so the body does not become dehydrated during fasting. So what can be done? Immediately, note the following review!

This is the Body Tips To Avoid Dehydration During Fasting Can Do

Prevention has to be done before the body has the undesirable condition. As a way to meet the needs of fluids in your body is balanced when the fasting month, you can eat the following foods, including the following!

For this one fruit you might already be familiar to you because this fruit is synonymous with buan fasting. Where cantaloupe fruit is widely used as a mixture of iced fruit may further increase appetite during fasting. In addition cantaloupe consumed at the time of iftar and sahur proved to be extremely helpful to ensure adequate intake of fluid in your body. Besides the water content contained in cantaloupe fruit can increase stamina in the body when fasting. You need to know the water content contained in the fruit cantaloupe reached 89%. then because of that cantaloupe fruit is very good for your consumption as the intake of fluids in your body.

Besides fruits cantaloupe, mango is also one of the fruits that also has a very high water content. With so mango become one of the fruits that are good for you consume each iftar and sahur useful to prevent dehydration. The water content contained in mango fruit as much as 70%. Besides mangoes also contain that certainly is needed to support the health of the body of which contains vitamins, antioxidants and many others.

Coconut water
Tips latter is a lot of drinking young coconut water. Coconut water has a very high mineral content compared to the other is 95%. With so very good to help prevent dehydration in the body. 
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